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Naturopathic Doctor in London Ontario

You deserve to live a life feeling your best!  

By working together, I want to help you:

  • Increase energy and manage your stress

  • Achieve optimal thyroid and hormone balance

  • Heal your digestive system

  • Create a body you feel confident in

  • Achieve and maintain optimal pregnancy

  • Feel amazing again (or maybe for the first time ever!)

    We offer BOTH in-office or virtual appointments: 

dr jen hardie


Finally, the approach to your health you’ve been looking for

As a board-licensed Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Hardie provides a comprehensive functional medicine approach to treating the root cause that is personalized to you. She encompasses healing modalities within her practice that take into account the physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual aspects of human existence.

With a clinical focus on women’s health, Dr. Hardie helps women optimize their digestive system, hormones, mood, fertility and weight, while increasing their energy! She is passionate about getting you to a place where you feel in control over your health. Assisting you in putting the pieces together for a treatment plan that gives you long term solutions!

Navigating your health these days can feel overwhelming. Information overload. We know when we are feeling our best, we can accomplish more out of life! Sometimes we just need help getting there. Through integrating the science of medicine with holistic primary care, let's work together to improve your health.

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Clinical Focus

Thyroid Conditions

Regain your energy and mood

Hormones & Fertility

Balance your hormones at any age from menarche to menopause. 

Stress, Energy & Sleep

Increase your vitality to improve energy, memory and mood 

Autoimmune Conditions

Discover how naturopathic medicine can help reduce your autoimmune symptoms and improve quality of life.

Skin & Hair Health

Hair loss & skin conditions can be frustrating to deal with, let's get to the root of what is causing your symptoms 

Digestive Health

Improve digestive system function by healing the gut. Improving symptoms associated with IBD, IBS, SIBO, GERD etc.

Weight Management 

Manage weight by optimizing metabolism and hormones

Holistic Approach

Your symptoms don’t define who you are! They are mere messengers alerting you to pay closer attention. We use a whole-body approach when it comes to assessing your health.

Functional Medicine Assessments

What’s happening inside your body gives us clues about what’s happening on the outside. Where appropriate, we use functional testing to get to the root cause of your concern.

In Depth Assessment

Sometimes we need more then 10 minutes to explain everything that is going on with our health! The initial visit is 60+ minutes with 15-45 minute follow-ups so you can share your story and discover how everything is interconnected. The body one large system that communicates together, we must treat it that way.

Natural Treatments

Each of the individualized treatment plans are based on diet and lifestyle education, complemented by other evidence-based treatments, such as acupuncture, nutraceuticals and botanical medicine.

Supplement refills.

Purchase products through our Fullscript virtual dispensary.

Located within OEV Health Headquarters

532 Adelaide St N 

London, ON

Phone: (548) 482-5153

Fax: 226-210-4709

dr. jen hardie

Dr. Jen Hardie

Naturopathic Doctor